samedi 10 juillet 2010

Inspiring Figures, Butler Institute of American Art

''In the show, Inspiring Figures, artworks by twenty members of The Cecilia Beaux Forum were selected by jury to hang in the prestigious Butler Institute of American Art as exemplifications of the quality figurative work being produced by today’s female artists. Those twenty pieces were joined by another dozen-and-a-half works culled from the museum’s collection, and from other successful Forum members expressly invited to participate in the exhibit. In total, 38 paintings spanning 120 years of art-making were brought together in this celebration of women’s contribution to portraiture. In its own way, the exhibit attempts to reforge the links in the art history timeline, showing the progression of female artists from Mary Cassatt and Cecilia Beaux herself through those artists working in 2010.'' Matthew Innis blog (underpainting)

Good news ! My painting : "Docile Canoe" has been selected ! So honored !!

Bonne nouvelle ! "Canot Docile" a été sélectionné pour prendre part à cette exposition !
J'en suis très honorée !

The Portrait Society's Cecilia Beaux Forum, a committee in support of women artists, spent several years developing this exhibit which celebrates American women artists whose innovative portraits and figurative artwork have inspired generations of artists and will certainly continue to do so. Inspiring Figures features a mixed collection of work by historic artists, acclaimed contemporary artists and prize-winning artwork chosen through a national competition. We are privileged to be showing Inspiring Figures at the Butler Institute of American Art, which holds the distinction of being the first museum in the world to focus exclusively on American art. Inspiring Figures has an ecucational focus and is the culmination of the Cecilia Beaux Forum missuion to engage and expand the public's awareness of women artists and women's contributions to the arts, as well as to our nation's history.

Inspiring Figures will be on display at the Butler Institute of American Art September 12-October 31, 2010. We hope you will all join us at the Butler September 12, 2010 for the Opening Reception and Award Ceremony and again throughout the show at the many educational programs.

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Samuel a dit…

Bravo!! C'est super! :)

Nouvelle illustration de couverture - New book cover

Nouvelle illustration de couverture -  New book cover
La métamorphose d'Evian, JCL éditions

Petite Juliette, pastel 20" x 16"