mardi 23 juillet 2013

BoldBrush Award !

Heureuse nouvelle, j'ai appris que mon pastel: ''Quelque part'' s'est vu attribuer le '' BoldBrush Award'' dans le cadre d'un concours en ligne, édition Juin 2013 ayant mis en compétition 1280 tableaux d'artistes d'origines diverses. Lorsque j'ai regardé les tableaux qui peu à peu s'ajoutaient à la liste des participants , je me disais que mes chances étaient à peu près nulles de pouvoir remporter quoi que ce soit. Mais surprise, je recevais le courriel de Klint Watson me disant que j'avais obtenu cet honneur mais qu'en plus il était accompagné d'un montant de 1000 $ !

Il m'a expliqué que c'était un tout nouveau prix tout aussi prestigieux que le ''Best of Show'' ( 1er Prix) mais qu'il ne pourrait être gagné qu'une seule fois à vie .$1000-boldbrush-award-announced

Quelque part, pastel 19'' x 19'' ©Danielle Richard 2013

Artist Danielle Richard is the winner of the first BoldBrush Award. Danielle's BoldBrush entry, a pastel piece titled Quelque Part, was selected by BoldBrush Painting Competition judge Carol Marine. The BoldBrush Award has an estimated value of $2,600 - which includes $1,000 in cash. The award was introduced with the June 2013 contest and is sponsored by FASO.

About the artist: Artist Danielle Richard was born in Quebec City. She earned a Bachelor's degree in arts from Université Laval. Concerning her background, Danielle has stated, "I have been painting continuously ever since my first solo exhibition in 1975!". She adds, "To this day, I am always passionate about this form of human expression.".

Concerning the BoldBrush Award, Danielle stated, "When I looked at the numerous paintings and the quality of some of the works in the competition, I almost abandoned the idea of receiving any award! I was really glad to receive the BoldBrush Award!".

Praise for the artist: Art critic Brian Sherwin commented on artist Danielle Richard's artwork, stating, "Danielle Richard creates emotionally charged images in acrylic and pastel.". Sherwin added, "Be it the innocence of a child at play... or the longing gaze of a young woman -- Danielle creates thought provoking images. She captures the personality and raw emotion of her subjects.". Additionally, Informed Collector described artist Danielle's artwork as, "Beautifully polished photo-realism portrayals of young women. Provocative, soulful work.".

About the award: The BoldBrush Award is an award of excellence with some unique features. Only artists who have not previously won a cash award in the BoldBrush Painting Competition are eligible to win The BoldBrush Award. Since The BoldBrush Award itself is a cash award, once an artist wins it, that artist is ineligible to win it again. This has the interesting side effect of meaning an artist can only win The BoldBrush Award once during a lifetime.

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martinealison a dit…

Toutes mes très sincères félicitation... Cette oeuvre est absolument extraordinaire.
Gros bisous

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